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So it's been a while since I made an entry in this. Monday, the nap never happened so I pretty much remained exhausted for the day. I don't think I ever really caught up on the sleep I lost from our flights and then my timing here is way different since we all like to stay up late and class started again! Tuesday's class was again interesting. Generally for the first hour and a half we talk about our book or something and then the second hour and a half we do close readings in small groups and paraphrase for the class. She said our test will include these close readings which I am happy about because I sort of think they are fun! After class I TOOK A NAP and then we headed to an art history museum (sorry Vin I do not know the name of it but whatever!). Unfortunately, on Tuesdays the museum is closed but after walking all the way there, we decided to head over to the Byzantine Museum. Generally, I never really liked museums but since we are learning about this stuff in class it is really bringing it to life. After the museum, we all decided we needed to try a gyro for dinner... I mean we couldn't believe we had been in Greece about five days without trying one! We shopped and walked around near the Acropolis a little while longer before heading back to the apartments. Discussion questions ended the night along with the word fathom being used a lot (don't worry Beth I got it covered :p )

Once a fun filled class of Socrates and Agamemnon was over on Wednesday, we ate lunch before heading to the Archaeological Museum. This museum was awesome!! First we looked through the section on Mycenea (where we will be heading this weekend by the way) and we saw the imprint of gold made on Agamemnon's face after he died. We also examined all of the jewelry and different spears they used to use during battle. Their clothing styles and bathtubs were even on display!! Following Mycenae, we walked through to the history of statues throughout the ages and it was cool to see how cultures started off with the most basic forms of statues but now they are so intricate and well-designed. Santorini's history came next followed by vases throughout history which sounds kinda boring but the red and black pottery completely transformed the way vases were made. While walking around I read through a sign about Daedalus which was majorly interesting because we had just talked about him in class that day! It was great to know background information on this god before reading about other incredible works he created. After the museum the group came back and showered and went out on the town for a night. We had a great time talking about our life stories (haha laura) and just becoming closer to one another.

Thursday's class was scheduled to take place at the "location" of where Socrates was imprisoned. I put location in quotes because this is the suspected place but no one can really be sure. Upon arriving at the jail, we sat along the sidewalk and the benches scattered around the area. I love Jane so much because of her idea to even allow us to take the twenty minute walk to the jail. She knows how to keep us interested in the class and she uses examples that make perfect sense. While demonstrating an example of Socrates and his hierarchy of knowledge, two Greek guides of the Acropolis came up and started saying that we needed to leave because Jane was guiding! This was ridiculous because teaching a class is completely different from guiding. We all had our Plato Five Dialogue books out and were taking notes. The guides are on strike at this point and apparently on the verge of losing their jobs but it was ridiculous that we weren't allowed to just sit on the premises although it is completely allowed since she wasn't guiding (their definition of guiding is offering free information about the acropolis or anything in the park without being asked... if you ask a teacher in conversation, it is not guiding). The worst part was the guides weren't even being nice about kicking us out! They kept saying Jane didn't have a license whereas her teaching license, in my mind, is ranked much higher because she has so much knowledge on various topics! In addition, they wouldn't let us have our class ANYWHERE in the park because it was all an archaeological site so after our twenty minute walk to the jail, we walked back to our classroom after about fifteen minutes. I think Jane felt bad about it being canceled but there is nothing she could have done and we all appreciate her offer in the first place. When class ended, our group went to the travel agency to plan our trip for the following weekend. We ended up booking two four person suites in Santorini for eleven people and it should be awesome! The six hour ferry ride means nothing to me due to the fact that I will be spending three days on one of the most beautiful Greek Islands.

For dinner tonight, some of us decided to save money and stay in. To me, it was one of the best nights so far. We saved pasta from our lunch and just bought tomato sauce (yuck not for me though! a-dog remember I was supposed to try that in your class? haha) and drinks and laid out beach towels on the roof of our building. Our roof overlooks Athens so even during the day our view is beautiful but after we finished our meal and the sun was setting it was beyond spectacular. We talked, laughed, and reminisced for about two hours before deciding it was time to clean up and pack for our trip this weekend. Tomorrow morning at 8 am we are leaving to take a bus to Delphi and visit sites such as Apollo's Oracle and then we will be traveling to Olympia before heading to a hotel for the night (which is supposed to be fabulous so everyone is excited). Saturday we will be taking a ferry to the Pelopenese and visiting Mycenae before staying in a hotel Saturday night and traveling along the Gulf of Corinth coastline. I don't know if I will have internet so I might not be able to fill you in until Monday but if not I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will keep you updated soon!!

Also this weekend, I will be writing my first paper for this class - ahhh!!
And again, sorry for the length!

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Love, love, love your thoughts and look forward to every post!

by geneseomom

How can you not remember the name of a museum that you went to? That's insanity. Also I require anonymity. Not cool. I demand that my name be removed from the post and my call sign used. I'll sue. Trust me, craig is 2/3 of a lawyer.

Second, if you're going to keep using parenthesis, at least use them in funny manner. For example, "today I decided to have a chicken sandwich for lunch (although I don't really like the chicken sandwich from this place(do I even like chicken in general?(thanks dad for making me question whether or not I like chicken))but I'll priobably get it and eat a bite or two and throw it out (stupid american sense of spending moeny just o spend money)) and eat outside."

Please make the change and notify me when said changes are complete. You have 12 hrs to comply.

by falling4ev

Just read your most recent blog and Greece sounds wonderful. Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Did you really eat a gyro? Can't wait to read your next installment. Hugs and kisses.

by DorfmanFam

Just wanted to let you know I just won tickets to a private acoustic show with the Plain White T's tomorrow at lunch. Then tix with backstage passes to their show tomorrow night. have fun in Greece

by falling4ev

jerk i will write it the way i want it doesnt have to be funny or whatever ... secondly i hate you because you know they are my favorite band ever ever ever.. the one time i go to a different country for an extended period of time you have to win something like this!

by topspin98

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