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The Island of Aegena

On Saturday night, dinner under the acropolis was unbelievable. It is amazing how easily you forget that something is so incredible when you are just sitting there. We all knew the acropolis was right above us but until about halfway through the meal, no one had bothered to look. Being here is still like a dream. After dinner, a group of the girls and I just walked through town and looked at all the different vendors. Greek jewelry and practically all of their pottery and scarves are very unique from the items we can find in the United States. In addition, their manners are very different. We must have been asked about... hmm I would say 15 times if we would like to eat or get a drink in their restaurants. These people just walk up to you on the streets! (and the random street vendors and also very pushy and annoying but in a group we handled it - walking at night alone would definitely not be a good idea!) Eventually, we walked back to the apartment around 1:30. We are still somewhat on American time so it's difficult to fall asleep at night. Around 2:15, everyone passed out and sleep felt awesome until we were woken up at 6:15 am...

Four hours of sleep was definitely not enough for the Sunday that we had. At 7:00 am we had to meet Jane (our professor) and Maria (the assistant director) in front of our apartment. From there, we walked to the metro and took a twenty minute ride to the ferry. Then we boarded the ferry for an hour long trip to Aegena. Still tired, some people slept but some of us decided to sit on top of the ship. The views were spectacular and I know it sounds repetitive but I can't even describe the essences of the scenes. I took many pictures (don't worry mom) and the ferry was our last moment of relaxation for a while. When we got off the ferry, we took a very crowded bus up to the top of Aegena to see the Temple of Aphaia. It is crazy to see all of this history right in front of us. Now, history never was and never will be my favorite subject. It sounds bad but I'm not one to focus on the past; luckily, Jane had so many interesting facts though and the true stories behind all of these pieces that she is showing us are intriguing. Unfortunately, I am still not good at remembering what she said but I do have it on video! (haha) From there, we hiked down the other side of the island to the Aegean sea. The beach was basically a tiny strip of sand covered in umbrellas and beach chairs and we wanted to stay together as a group so we climbed the rocks on the side of the island and set up there. The water was such a blue/teal color that seeing the bottom was easy. You know when you look on a postcard and think the color of the water they put is fake? It seems too good to be true but after yesterday I know that water color does actually exist. Immediately, we went swimming in the ocean and I loved it! (the ocean has always been my favorite :] ) We met some Greek adults playing water volleyball and we asked to join. They were very generous and allowed us to play with them (although they were MUCH better and very competitive). Our team was victorious!! Dennis (the captain of our team) referred to himself as "the terminator" and luckily he spoke a little bit of English and also taught us some Greek. Messa means in and Exxo means out! (he told us this by putting himself in the water and saying messa and then jumping up and saying exxo! It was hysterical to see that we have come to this language barrier. After lunch and lounging around, we spent some more time in the ocean before we had to catch the last bus up and down the mountain. Then we walked around the port side of the island until it was time to catch our very home. We got to the apartment around 830 and everyone was exhausted. I showered, read, talked to some friends and then fell asleep around midnight.

Class started this morning and it wasn't bad at all. Jane is an excellent professor and after she gave us history of Greece, we talked about the Agamemnon play. Christine and I went shopping later and had an excellent time roaming Greece. Now, it is definitely time for a nap!

ps- sorry this one was really long!

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What play? Be more specific dammit! I'm pretty sure that's not how you spell exo or ektos, or if you want to be really correct: έξω. Yeah that's right I know how to write in greek, ancient greek. Be careful walking around and make sure you always have money on you or you'll be atychos (άτυχος). Look it up. Offering you food and drink? It better be water and not wine. Also, it's called spelling and grammer check... use it or be funny like me. As in, "So Justin and I went to a bar with some of my friends this weekend (well relaly some of my friends and some other people who we didn't know and just happened to tag along because they thought we were funny) and had a bunch to drink and thought it would be a good idea to hit on this girl (although her boyfriend was right there) who kept looking at me, but when I did she told me that they guy next to her was her boyfriend to which I gave him a high-five and told him he was doing a good job because she was cute, followed by running out of the bar with Justin and going swimming in a fountain." Proper grammer use .

by falling4ev

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